Headphone Wire Fix



Introduction: Headphone Wire Fix

One of my favorite pair of headphones went out awhile ago and I finally decided to fix them. They had only the instrumentals playing with an echoey voice. If I twisted my cord they would work so I knew the problem was the cord. This fix cost me nothing because I used stuff from my school. I made some mistakes but I have described them in the steps where they occurred. Thanks for reading I hope it helps!

Step 1: Find Problem

I initially thought that the problem was by the jack but after i cut the protective layers i found i was wrong... The problem was actually in the wire just before the mic/pause button and not quite to the headset.

Step 2: Open the Wire and Solder

I used an Exacto knife to cut the outer layer and strip the wire. Be careful! The Exacto knife is very sharp and can cut you and the inner wires. These headphones had 4 inner wires probably because it had an in-line mic/pause button. I spread them out and prepared to solder. Be careful when soldering. BEFORE YOU SOLDER-if you want to use shrink tubing to protect your work put it on now. It was tricky to solder the wires because they moved so much. Also the solder didn't want to stay on the wire. Have patience! After i connected the wires I tested the headphones...they worked!

Step 3: Final Suggestions and Thoughts

I used hot glue to solidify and protect my soldering job. I think an epoxy would work well too. I should have put shrink tubing on before I soldered that way i wouldn't have needed electric tape. I didn't try to reattach the in-line system but I will try it next time. Have a plan of how you want it to look/be protected before you solder. This project cost me $0 because i was able to use soldering gear from school.

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