Headphone Wire Organizer

Very simple instructable. Bose tends to make their headphone wires Wayyyy to long. I needed something to control the tangles and get rid of the excess wire on my Bose QC3 wire. I couldn't make the "Do it yourself headphone retractor", so... I improvised. There's other stuff out there, like the "core", but it usually has some pretty big flaws, and I just happened to have this, and it works perfectly!

Step 1: Material You Will Need:

You may or may not have the required materials(mainly the tech deck & the plastic thing), if you don't... then just improvise =)
-2 paper clips/2 cell phone wire clips/ or 2 plastic things that hold the wire on ikea floor lamps.
-1 Tech Deck
-Headphones of your choice

Step 2: Wrap

Wrap your headphone wire around the wire as shown in the photo. You get better and faster with it as you keep using it.

Step 3: Clip

Clip the wire at the ends of the board.

Step 4: Finished!!

Simple right?! Now just Mix-and-Match to see which combination works best for you. I've personally tried all 3 combinations and each one is pretty secure/stable; I personally love using the plastic things from the ikea lamp, they fit snuggly and just seem to work the best. No more tangles or excess wire anymore!! Questions, Comments, Concerns? Just lemme know. = )



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