Headphone Hider Hoodie




want to listen to music during class put cant hide the headphones good.well i got the answer for you .this is another one of my friends ideas but i embelished it alittle

-a hoodie double layer hood
-supplies tape prefurably the color of yor hoodie(color optional)
-knife or scissors

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Step 1:

cut a hole in the inside of your center pocket slide almost all the cord in the hole then tape it closed.leave the pin out . then turn the hoodie inside out and run the wire up to the hood . pull on the pin end till were the headphones split is taught and at the head hole.

Step 2:

cut a hol Not in the area were the string goes on each side and feed your headphone in . put your hoodie right side out the n put it on adjust . have fun take the headphones out if you wash the hoodie.

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    Thought we had the same hoodie, and your camera didnt flip the image for a moment!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    With the way this Instructable is written, you should probably stop listing to music and start listening to your English teacher.

    3 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    The teachers should beat the crap outta' disrespectful students... Keeping hats/hoods on is bad! :D

    i have a friend that always leans his head on his arm during lectures reason? he strings the i-pod headphonecord through the hoodie sleeve and puts his hand against his ear its kinda uncomfortable but can be put to use during the class if you have a hoodie that has the pocket on the front then you can put music player their

    2 replies

    one time one of my friends who had a free period called me during school. we weren't doing anything in class so i stuck the phone in my sleeve and pretended like i was leaning my head on my arm. worked great!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    needs better pictures and text. basically a better instructable. but I like the idea.