Headphone Hoodie




Introduction: Headphone Hoodie

This ible is for a diy headphone hoodie. When you put your hoodie on plug your ipod in you poket and have ear buds hanging  by your ears waiting to put in!

Step 1: Things You Need

Things you need are...

Ear buds,
Scisors and
A hoodie.

Step 2: Cutting Holes

Cut a small hole in the poket of the hoodie, Then cut 4 small holes like picture 2.

Step 3: Insert

Insert the plug in the poket and the ear budsin the hood like the picture.

Step 4: Finished

You are finished plug in an ipod and rock on :D

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    9 years ago on Step 2

    My recommendation for the earbud holes is to use metal grommets to keep the fabric from fraying. You can pick up the grommets from any fabric and/or craft store for about $3-4. I never used the grommet pliers that they want you buy separately. I've always just used a small pair of pliers to pinch all the way around the grommet to trap the fabric inside. Just make sure that the holes you cut are slightly smaller than the grommet so it stays in place.