Headphone Port of THE FLASH

Introduction: Headphone Port of THE FLASH

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My name is Emerson Pedroso, I am creator of the YouTube channel DIY Workshop.
The first DIY Workshop project that we will share will be HeadPhone Port of The Flash, if you want to know how it was done follow the images above to see the video explaining in detail the construction:

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Step 1:

Cut the molds that are at the end of the tutorial and the hacksaw use them to cut parts in MDF and Madeirite.

Step 2:

With 3 pieces of wood already cut, we put all the pieces in top of one another, and between them, adhesive glue to pass, then with the orbital sander or by hand even, sand everywhere, leaving all rounded.

Step 3:

After the three pieces together and sanded, a dab of glue on the side of 8cm and paste in smaller circle from the center of 12cm after pasted, put a screw in the middle of the outside, so that has more strength of a and the other part.

Step 4:

Now glue the smaller base with central support in the midst of the largest circle 18cm when dry, place two screws in a way that it is in the middle the first and last pieces of 8cm by 10cm from the central base, as shown below:

Step 5:

Now that is already almost ready, the last step is to paste the radius on
the most basic way that hides the 2 screws, but ATTENTION, only paste the radius after all painted parts!

Step 6:

The colors and locations that will be painted are:

Step 7: Final Result

Enjoy this Instructable?

Soon we will post more projects in English to accompany you.

Let us suggestions and comments for upcoming videos if they want the subtitled video, if you have enough requests I legendo :P

Access our channel on youtube, besides workshops have a cooking table :D


Thank you for your personal attention and even more! \ o



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