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Step 1: The Speakers

First you are going to have to take the speakers out of the casing. For me I had to cut the wire an pull the trough the head set, and re solider it back the connections to the speaker.

The actual speakers of mine were glued into the plastic piece that the foam cover goes around. I kept it on the speakers would have space for the sound and so I would have extra padding.

Also it helps if you get head phones with the cord on one side.

Step 2: Putting the Speakers in the Hat

First you are going to want to mark were your ears are.

Put on the hat and mark both sides of both ears or just one ear for now.

After marked cut out your piece of fabric like so. Turn you hat inside out and start to sew it on make sure the main wire is at the bottom and that the smaller wire that goes to the other speaker is on top. Once finished sewing cut off all of the excess fabric.

Put the hat back on and put the other speaker wear you want it. You might have to make a new mark the do the same as the last speaker but this side has no big wire so just make sure the small one is at the top.

Step 3: Final Touch

Now all you should have left is the small wire.

Test you head phone and make sure they are the way you want them.

Now just sew the wire were you want it to go in the front, back, or top.

I ran mine through the top seem. You can barly see it and you don't feel it at all.

Step 4: Enjoy!

You are now finish enjoy this on campouts, the cold, while snowboarding, or just around town.

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