Building Your Own Headphones... Wooden Perfection




"Building blocks" of the project

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Step 1: After Adjusting Internal Size of the Case Proceed With Drilling Holes for Cables and Screws (in Order to Fix "head Wire")

Step 2: Added Acoustic Padding Approx. 3grams

Step 3: Prepare Head Wire. Made Sure That the Wire Matches the Hole (not Other Way Round)

Step 4: Test Before Measuring Before Closing Up.

Step 5: Gluing Ear Pads (to the Wood)

Step 6: Head Pad With Inner Cotton

If you want to make a pair for walking around better add a lot of head padding. Otherwise you will hear every step you take like a super heartbeat in the headset.

Step 7: Finished Wooden Perfection

Step 8:

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome!! Try correcting the Step 8 mistake, just saying, continue your good work on this community!