Headphones Speaker

Introduction: Headphones Speaker

THIS IS MY FIRST INSTRUCTABLES!!!!! So I thought I'd just do something simple...

Headphone Speakers: simple and easy and you get a projected sound without the need of a battery. Just hook the earphone jack into your ipod/zune/mp3 player and increase the volume to the max.

-General Tools ( scissors, box cutter, screw driver)
-Superglue or cement glue
-Electrical tape

*I chose to do this to my headphones because they were old and moldy... thats pretty gross

If you guys are reading this and are not sure what I mean it's because I don't know the parts to a headphone... lol...

So here goes...

Step 1: Getting the Materials You Need

You need a pair of headphones and a hollow cylinder--can/bottle/cone or whatever you can find that looks like it can fit on a pair of speakers. 

I found a cylinder that was from Brookstone "Wink flex-light" and I found my moldy "Audio Technica" Headphones

Step 2: Components

Now once you have taken apart your headphones as showed below start cutting the plastic hollow cylinder in half

Step 3: Splitting the Cylinder

Cut the cylinder in half, make sure they are the same length or they will look ugly. Once you have cut the cylinder in half make sure to trim the edges.

Step 4: Sticking the Pieces Together

Glue the half cylinder with the headphone, I used contact cement but you can use whatever you want.

Step 5: Connecting the Two Speakers Together

To connect the two speakers together, I found a segment of a metal pipe. I joined the 2 Speakers together with 1 screw and 1 bolt no glue.

Step 6: FINISHED!!!

Finish the headphone speaker with some electrical tape. Tape the connecting parts so that the glue is not visible. Plug it into your ipod and see if it works

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    3 years ago

    Woah now that looks cool! Gonna try and make that soon