Headset or Headphone Hanger




Introduction: Headset or Headphone Hanger

In this Instructable I will show you how to make a simple hanger for your headphones or headset using a PCI expansion bay cover from an old PC case. This is very easy to do. Hangers like this can also be used for cable management on walls or desks.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

1. Pliers (needle nose work best)

2. PCI expansion slot cover

3. Screw (for mounting)

Optional Items:

1. Drill and drill bits

2. Hammer

3. Vice


The PCI expansion bay cover that I am using already has a hole in one end. Many old computer cases are made this way. However, some PCI expansion covers do not have a hole and will need to be drilled through before bending.

Step 2: First Bends

Using the pliers or vice bend the PCI cover 90 degrees somewhere near the middle of the PCI cover.

You will also need to flatten the PCI cover on the end that is already bent. I have used pliers to do this but you may also use a hammer to flatten this part of the cover.

Step 3: Continue Bending

Continuing on the side that does not have the mounting hole, you will need to make another bend that leaves enough room for your headset headband to rest. Be sure to measure the width of tour headset headband before choosing where to bend.

Step 4: Finishing Bends

The only thing left to do is give the hanger a nice rounded edge. Using your pliers, bend the part that you flattened down toward the outside of the hook. Be sure to clamp this tightly to create a nice flat hook.

Step 5: Application

Use a screw through the mounting hole to place your hanger on a wall or your desk.

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2 Discussions


3 years ago

Excellent simple project - exactly what is wanted for inspiration!! Thank You for posting.


3 years ago

I like it! I will likely add a piece of foam rubber or fabric to the part that supports the headset. The metal part could put some wear and tear on the headphones.
I'm also considering this as a solution for any workspace computers at my local hackerspace.