Headstrap for Dodocase VR

Dodocase VR turns your smartphone into an immersive 3D experience using Google's Cardboard design.

Step 1: Add the Straps.

My modification lets you use it hands free.

Step 2: Suspend the Weight.

Use elastic that's strong enough to hold your phone on your face.

Step 3: Adjust for Comfort.

Straps can easily be tightened.

Step 4: Let It Slide.

Loop elastic and sew flat so it still slips through.

Step 5: Feel the Freedom.

With your hands now free you can really fly. Try watching the roller coaster simulator while riding a stationary bicycle. You can even clutch a barf bag if necessary, without stopping all the fun.

Step 6: Future Functions.

Make sure straps don't block magnetic button function or camera view cutout as these may have a future function as an augmented reality headset when new software is designed for Cardboard VR.



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