Healing Through Hope

By Claudia Rodriguez 

   My Dream is to bring sunshine into the lives of those that the waves of life have crashed upon. To assist in having a feeling  Of hope that leads to overcoming.

I reside in Colorado where I study & dream of helping others through the expression of art as a form of a theraputic releases. I also find this to be an awesome life tool in my own home.

 I do home parties not as instruction, rather in assisting others to see the creative side in them. That they have power of creation with in their own lives.

 We all can be a victor or victim, the choice is ours...However the choice may change if one is given hope of  tomorrow
 Through a change of choice.

                               Find your inner roar! See your beauty & power that lies with in...
                                            Capable of healing & free to express Yourself.

  * choose a new path
  * create an expressive atmoshere
  *free to better than you were yesterday while you walk to whom you will become tomorrow

 As part of my dream I have been gifted with a woman whom accepts donations for class space & I supply materials.

                                              I would love to keep this a free service to provide
                                        Healing through Hope in expression of self through art

                      That is what I would use this winning to do......To win hope to the hopeless

                                                             Thank you for your considerations.




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