Healing a Cut at Home




Introduction: Healing a Cut at Home

If you ever have a Cut ( Small ) on ur Finger ( or anywhere on the body ) and the blood is flowing like water, don't worry just follow these steps..

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Step 1: Get Some Cold Water ( Tap Water Is Excellent )

Wash the wound under Cold gushing water... Let the blood flow... You may feel burning sensation but don't worry..

Step 2: Get Some Natural Turmeric Powder

Get some natural turmeric ( Indian Turmeric is the best ) which should be easily available in your kitchen.. Just sprinkle generous amount of turmeric on the wound... You'll get burning sensation but that's the nature of turmeric so don't worry... The blood will Clot and stop flowing out... It may look disturbing but that's how it is !! Turmeric has some great antiseptic qualities...

Step 3: Now Wondering Why This Works ? Read This!

Turmeric not only relieves inflammation to help with pain, but also aids in healing in many ways. First, it’s a natural anti-bacterial food, so it will help fight bacteria that’s found on the skin when you have a wound, and prevent bacteria from entering in the body via the wound opening. Turmeric also helps clot the blood, so it will prevent the wound from bleeding further. Last, it helps the wound heal and treats the skin, so there will be little to no scarring and the skin will stay protected. While some chemical-based creams could achieve this, you don’t want those chemicals sitting on your skin, since they travel to the bloodstream and end up circulating through your blood to your organs. Turmeric, however, is great for your whole body, which makes it an excellent topical medication.

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    3 years ago

    or.....apply pressure to the wound and let nature take care of things.


    3 years ago

    This is great to know!