Health Benefits From Papaya Seeds and Male Contraceptives and More




Introduction: Health Benefits From Papaya Seeds and Male Contraceptives and More

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Last week my neighbor stopped by and asked me if I would dry a papaya for her, and read me an article from her smart phone about all the great benefits from the papaya fruit and seeds. The part that piqued my interest was the information about the benefits of the papaya seeds and how a university study was done on apes for a natural male contraceptive. Papaya seeds are used as a pepper replacement, meat tenderizer,used to treat parasites, inflamed joints, and an aide for the digest system and a liver cleanse to name a few.

Some people experience a skin rash when they touch the skins of the fruit or ingest the seeds. It is recommended to slowly add the seeds to your diet to help your body adjust. They have been known to cause a stomach ache with people who are sensitive to certain foods. The seeds can be added to smoothies and blended in a blender for a nutritional drink. The seeds can be dried and eaten but they do have a slight bitter taste. I have not tried them for seasoning a steak or food yet. I tried them in a smoothie and could not taste them but that don't mean you won't be able to. I only added 1/8 teaspoon because I did not know if it would give me a stomach ache or not. I have not had any problems nor has my husband. I dried them for my neighbor because she wanted them for a liver cleanse. I plan to dry more seeds and fruit for our use. It is well worth the health benefits to give them a try though.

In this instructable I will show you how to dry and store the seeds to use; for which purpose that interest you. If you are interested in using them for a male contraceptive, you could do an online search and get tested to be sure that it works for you, before you assume that it does! I received a comment from someone who got pregnant using the seeds as a contraceptive . There has been a university study, using them on some kind of ape and the results were amazing.There were no side effects except it lowered the sperm count in the apes but after weaning the apes from the seeds, over a period of time, the apes sperm count was normal. Not many studies have been done using the papaya seeds for a natural contraceptive because it is not profitable and if I recall the article mentioned plants can't be patented. I would think that a person could try the seeds as a male contraceptive and work with their doctor to see if they are effective.

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Step 1: Ingredients Utensils and Supplies

This is what you will need:

large organic papaya is the best ( the small ones may be gmo)

Food dehydrator or you can air dry the seeds

Olive oil to oil the food tray

Filtered water optional (for soaking the seeds)

Spice grinder, bowls, colander, knife, potato peeler, cloth or paper towels, glass jar with lid or plastic jar or bags

If decorating the jar you will need:

Paper, scissors, glue, and bakers twine. Or use a marker to label the jar.

Step 2: Wash and Slice the Papaya


Thoroughly wash the papaya. Sometimes people are sensitive to the skins.

Slice the papaya lengthwise as shown.

Carefully remove the seeds trying not to grab any of the fruit or pulp.

Peel the papaya using a potato peeler.

Slice the papaya into desired pieces.

Place the papaya into a storage container until use.

Step 3: Clean the Seeds


Wash the seeds and place them into a glass bowl.

Cover them in filtered water.

Soak overnight in a covered container in the refrigerator.

Decorate or label the papaya jar while the seeds are soaking.

Step 4: Dry the Papaya Seeds


Pour the seeds into a colander and remove the water.

Place the seeds on a towel and dry the best you can.

I oil my food dryer tray to prevent the food from sticking.

Place the dry papaya seeds onto the food dryer and dry for several hours or until the seeds are completely dry.

You can test them by eating one.

Grind them using the spice grinder.

Step 5: Store the Papaya Seeds


I used a baby food jar and spice jar and covered it with decorative paper and string and labeled it with a marker. For those of you who are good at making labels it looks nicer to print the decorative paper with the printer.

Store the seeds in a jar with a tight lid.

Use when needed.

Step 6: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

I was thrilled to learn about the wonderful benefits eating the papaya fruit and the seeds. The seeds taste very similar to pepper with a slight bitter after taste. To estimate how much you need and how long to take it, I would do an online search and find out how other people are using the seeds for health benefits. I do remember the article suggested to start out slowly with 1/8 teaspoon of the papaya seed pepper and slowly work up the dosage to 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4, up to 1 teaspoon to get your body used to the dosage so you do not get negative effects. The article did not go into details. My husband and I will be adding them to our diet and for a steak tenderizer as well as other remedies. I hope you check out the benefits and try them for you and your family.

Thanks for stopping by and do have a safe and happy 2016~


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    4 years ago

    Papaya seeds do not work as a contraceptive. My husband took them for three months every day not missing one day. Three months later, I am pregnant and due in January. Unless you want a baby or are willing to chance it, I recommend finding a reliable form of birth control.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Hello AmericaV, thanks so much for sharing this information. I will make a note of it as soon as I get the time so no one will consider this without medical testing. Hope your week shines!


    Reply 3 years ago

    I am glad you will be updating this information. In our case although the baby was not planned, we are in a stable relationship and financially able to take care of our child. We knew we were taking a chance and are now happy and looking forward to the birth of our child.


    4 years ago

    This post displays a lot of false, and potentially harmful, information with no evidence to back up any claim made. This post should be removed.


    Reply 4 years ago