Health Benefits of Honey




Introduction: Health Benefits of Honey

Today we will be talking about the "Liquid gold" Honey. Yes! Honey the most wonderful super food has a track record of wide and proven health benefits, from antiseptic properties to antioxidant-boosting power. Honey is however a better choice than processed sugar because it contains several beneficial qualities and healing properties for our entire body. Today let us discover the amazing health benefits of one of the oldest sweeteners on earth.

#1: Treats Sore Throat: As most mothers and grandmothers know honey is a natural cough remedy. Most of the natural throat syrups which you find in market have honey in it. Its thick consistency helps to coat the throat, while the sweetness triggers, nerve endings to protect from constant coughing. For sore throat, try eating a spoonful of honey, 2 to 3 times in the day. If that doesn't work, you can also add two tablespoons of honey in a glass of Luke warm water and drink it slowly.

#2: Source of natural energy: Honey is a great source for boosting natural energy; A table spoon of honey contains 17 grams of carbohydrates in it. it is unprocessed sugar, with frucktose and glucose. It directly enters the bloodstream for a quick energy boost. Whether you’re looking for an energy booster or just a sweet treat after a long workout, honey is an easy and delicious all-natural sweet energy booster!

#3: Relief from Mosquito bite: Honey has got natural anti inflammatory qualities, which could prove very beneficial for reducing itch and irritation which is caused by Mosquito bite. Just take some honey and apply it in the affected area. You will get relief.

#4: Aids Weight Loss: Honey has more calorie then sugar, but if you consume a tablespoon of honey with Luke warm water, first thing in the morning. It helps in burning the excessive fat stored in the body. You can also combine honey with cinnamon or lemon juice to burn extra fat and support your weight loss effort. Quick Facts Of "Liquid Gold" Honey: - Do you know honey is the only sweetener which is not man made but yet has antibacterial properties and several healing effects. - If honey is stored properly it could last for centuries. - Unlike any processed sugar, honey does not ferment in our stomach to cause any danger of bacterial invasion. - Honey is the most incredible fuel for our body to burn that excessive fat. - Interestingly, as per the researchers, honey is a more effective remedy for children's cough than over the counter medicines.

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Disclaimer: We thrive our best to provide you with accurate and genuine home remedies. However, any advice contained or specified on Healthdear Youtube channel should not be treated as a medical advice.

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    2 years ago

    I all ways knew honey was good for you but did not know all of them thank you for I shareing


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    so maybe I should learn to like honey.


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    Thanks glad you liked :)