Healthy Grilled Corn With Stem

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Celebrate rainy season with Grilled party and try one of the healthiest grilled corn polished with salted lemon. Your feedback is always welcome which makes me to try & write more recipes

Serves as many as you want & this recipe is vegetarian

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Step 1: Ingredients:


• Fresh whole corn with stem
• butter
• salt
• Lemon

Instructions for grilling

As pics say many words

Take one iron Pan
• 15 to 20 small pieces of dry wood
• One iron rectangle net shape made up of iron
• Fire up the grill and let it get hot.

Step 2: Start Grilling Corn

• Polish the corn with butter
• Start  grilling corn one by one
• Keep each corn upon the husk
• Polish grilled corn with salted lemon juice
• Start serving one by one

Step 3: Guest Can Feel the Taste of Hot Grilled Corn

Now serve as soon as one corn gets grilled.

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