Healthy Stress Free Fried Egg

I know we all get stressed with frying an egg for breakfast especially when we are cooking for more than one Pearson. Hears my idea to help that so we can cook the bacon and other breakfast goods safe in the knowledge the eggs won't spit hot oil at us.

My idea is to use your sandwich toaster they are great it cooks the egg top and bottom at the same time. They can't spit at you and the non stick means no hot oil plus the cone out in perfect sandwich size triangles for a door step on the go.

There simple just heat up the sandwich toaster and crack an egg in to each triangle then close the lid until cooked to your liking Run a knife round them and slide them out once cooked boom perfect eggs done with no hot oil



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    1 year ago

    This is really smart! My sandwich maker might actually get some use now :)