Healthy Yoghurt Mix Bars

-These yoghurt bars are very healthy and can be eaten as snack.


-Mixed fruits of your choice

-Mixed nuts almonds,cashews

-sunflower seeds

-Mixed dried fruits(dates,raisins)

-Hung curd or greek yoghurt one cup

-oats half cup

-Any jam 3tbsp


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Step 1: Preparing Hung Curd:

-Take yoghurt in muslin cloth and hang for 45 minutes.we get whey removed yoghurt which is thick.

-You can also buy greek yoghurt directly.

Step 2: Next Step:

-Take hung curd in bowl and add all nuts,raisins,dates,oats,sunflower seeds and honey

-Add mixed fruits and any jam. I used aprikose jam

Step 3: Mixing

-Mix all added ingredients and fruits with yoghurt properly.

Step 4: -pour Mixed Yoghurt on Flat Box

-Take a flat box.Place wax paper at bottom and pour mixed yoghurt on it.

-Add grated choclate on top and freeze for 5 to 6 hours

Step 5: Cut in to Bars

-Finally cut them in to bars. store in air tight container in freezer and have as snack.


-You can add any mixed fruits of your choice like straw berries,blue berries,banana and nuts of your choice.

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    2 years ago

    Oh my own snack bars!

    I need to do this @ the weekend!


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