Healthy Vegetable and Beef Dog Treats




For those dog lovers that  wants to save money this is the right instructables for you..
first you need this items you can find in your house or at the public market :D..(DUHH you can't make dog treats without materials:D) 

-Items you will need- 
Beef (as many as you need)
flour(any kind of flour)
corn starch


mixing bowl
meat hammer
wooden spatula or metal spatula
stove(any kind of stove)

now you have all you need lets start making dog treats

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Step 1:

now pound the beef with the meat hammer until 1-2 inches thin and then slice it into very very small pcs. 

Step 2:

first cook the potatoes in very small amount of oil.cook for 1-3 mins.
and then mash the potatoes... now with the lettuce cut the lettuce into very very very small pcs.

Step 3:

and then  mix water and flour to make a doe while your making the doe pour the beef ,lettuce and mash potatoes in the doe and mix for about 10-15 mins.

Step 4:

when the mixture becomes like bread,cut it in any design you want.When you're done coat the bread with cornstarch

Step 5:

now for the cooking,deep fry the mixture in vegetable oil or any kind of oil you have in your house.deep fry within 20-30 mins or until its hard enough

I forgot the paper towels sorry o.O put the mixture in the paper towels so that it wouldn't be to oily for your dog

now your dog has a healthy snack and on the other side you saved more money in making your own snack 

sometimes commercial products is to expensive so start making your own dog snacks 

thanks for reading:DD hope your dog likes the treat

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    6 years ago

    Just so u know, potatoes are very healthy for dogs, but be sure to peel your potatoes before you mash them! Strangely, the potato greens are very poisonous to dogs, and could easily kill them! Just 2 warn you!