Hear and Play Jazz 201: Easy Chord Progressions With Melody

Introduction: Hear and Play Jazz 201: Easy Chord Progressions With Melody


# Do you ever get nervous when it's time for you to improvise right on the spot?

# Or maybe you've always wanted to have the ability to play fancy licks and jazzy runs but you didn't want to screw up, so you've always stayed in your comfort zone?

# Have you ever felt insecure because you couldn't "run" up and down the piano like other musicians you've met or had the opportunity to play with?

# Do you ever become immobilized with fear when the band points to you and it's your time to solo but you have no clue what to do --- or you have a few things to do but you quickly run out of new stuff to play, so you're left sounding repetitive and predictable?

# Do you feel like other musicians have way better chords and solo licks than you --- and you have very little choices or run out of things to play?

# Do you feel like you still don't "get it" --- like other musicians have figured out something that you haven't that makes them play endless amounts of licks and tricks whenever they want?

# Do you feel lost when it's time to be creative and solo over the same chords you've been playing for years? Perhaps your chords are adequate but when it comes to playing certain scales and ideas over those chords, you're stuck?

# Do you want to know everything there is to know to get started playing jazz chords, licks, and soloing with ease? Stuff that only the pros know?


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