Hear and Play Jazz 201: Piano Licks and Tricks

Introduction: Hear and Play Jazz 201: Piano Licks and Tricks


# Have you ever felt embarrassed when other musicians found out that you couldn't play certain chords and progressions in all 12 keys and that your improvisational skills were limited?

# Do you get freaked out when you need to improvise longer than you expected... and not know what to do?

# Have you ever felt like just throwing in the towel and giving up because it seems like NOTHING will work to improve your playing... and you should just accept it?

# Do you feel like you'll never sound like the best of them, and this deeply-rooted doubt unconsciously hinders you from progressing?

# Do you just love what you do and want to become the best at it, even if it takes totally changing the way you think about music?

# Would you like to start playing beautiful jazz chords and using the techniques you're about to learn to solo over those fancy chords with ease?

# Or are you already experienced, but you'd like to take your success to the next level RIGHT NOW and start playing even more chords, licks, tricks, and solos without having to think about it?


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