Hear and Play Jazz 201: 2-5-1 Piano Chords With Bibop Structure

Introduction: Hear and Play Jazz 201: 2-5-1 Piano Chords With Bibop Structure


  • Incorporate a special technique that'll give you a very polished sound and guarantee that you're the one shining up there!

  • Improvise like you've been playing jazz for years by perfecting tons of soloing tricks in your right hand! (The opportunity to stand out when the spotlight is solely on you is a right. And when you've earned it, you need to make it count!)

  • Learn how to incorporate tons of professional 2-5-1 jazz progressions and produce a unique sound every time by making very small changes!

  • Discover how to add underlying chordal support to produce a very full and rich sound and how to pick the right chords to accompany any jazz melody.

  • Learn how to improvise over altered chords, 7th, 9th, 11th, and 13th chords and how to sound unpredictable even though you're pulling from the same bag of tricks each time (...this one is interesting).

  • Integrate special jazz tricks to develop a well-rounded sound. You don't want to sound like you're playing the same thing over and over again. (Treat your playing like a big bag of tricks: The way James shows you how to mix and match all of them will certainly give your playing incredible balance)!


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