Hear and Play Jazz 201: Long 2-5-1 Lick 4 on Piano

Introduction: Hear and Play Jazz 201: Long 2-5-1 Lick 4 on Piano


# Intensify your playing by implementing widely-used but rarely talked about scale options to individualize yourself even more!

# Capture the attention of even the worst audience by using industry blues alterations and have them jumping out of their seats in seconds!

# Maximize each technique you're going to learn by using them all together in a full-song format. Isn't that what we all want... to play songs, right? This course gives you a surefire way to appear like you're a jazz veteran even if you just barely made it to the starting line up!

# How to quickly and easily form tons of jazz chord patterns and runs that are guaranteed to have you standing out from the crowd.

# Accelerate your jazz learning curve by combining 3 secret elements that the pros don't want you to know! These 3 secrets can change the way you look at improvising forever.

# How to ensure that no matter what voicings and licks you play, they'll fit right in and turn heads each and every time!

# Learn how to shift your "chordal" thinking from the right hand to the left. Learn full chords on the left and what to do on the right hand to accompany them.

# How to intertwine the right attitude along with perfect focus every time you start to play! You'll definitely need it when you start improvising!


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