Hear and Play Jazz 201: Long Minor 2-5-1 Licks on Piano

Introduction: Hear and Play Jazz 201: Long Minor 2-5-1 Licks on Piano


1) Hear and Play Jazz 201 Disc 1: In Part 1, James introduces several chord voicings (lower and upper structures) and patterns that you'll need to know to be a master jazz pianist. In addition, he explores his preferred voicings and gives you several shortcuts to playing tons of chords by ear. This first disc alone is worth the entire investment.

2) Hear and Play Jazz 201 Disc 2: This is where James breaks down several 2-5-1 progressions and shows you not only unique chord voicings but several runs, licks, and tricks to play over different chords in each progression. He takes his time and really breaks down each chord, scale, and run... step-by-step.

3) Hear and Play Jazz 201 Disc 3: James goes even further and teaches you more licks and tricks over several chord patterns you're sure to run into while playing jazz. He gives you common ideas that you can pull out of your bag of tricks any time you want AND also gives you the foundation you need to come up with your own ideas and licks. You'll be improvising with your eyes closed after finishing this session.

4) Hear and Play Jazz 201 Disc 4: Finally, James takes everything he's shown you and ties it all together by showing you real-life song examples. He demonstrates how to use the 2-5-1 patterns and solos in action and you get a front row seat as he takes you through his personal thought process and how he approaches soloing in various songs and situations.


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