Heart-Beat Counter Using MSP430


Introduction: Heart-Beat Counter Using MSP430

hi friends, here is my project on counting the heart beats using an MSP430G2553, and a dual op amp ic, LM358, i think any other dual op amp can work in its place [to be sure, just check the pinouts before replacement]... :)
it displays the heart beat on the LCD screen, i found this project on internet, but it was done with 3 seven segments and with PIC micro controller, so i thought to build a very compact circuit with MSP, i have given the c code, for which you will need the code composer studio, with the launchpad kit...

i hope you enjoy building this project, i have uploaded its video in the files, with the eagle's schematic files, thank you :)



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    6 months ago

    Amazing project.

    Can I have BOM list and Schematic plz ? :D

    the code is working and executing....but some times it is showing some garbage value .

    do you have a list of all the componets please?

    can i purchase any heart beat sensor that are available in market

    what is .sch fille

    Hello! Can you tell me what are the all components needed for this project?

    getting error in program.....while dumping the code


    Amazing work !! keep it up

    I have implemented the ckt on bread board.We aren't getting any thing displayed on lcd and not getting whether code is not working or we are doing something wrong. Can u please suggest us any way out?

    sir i am new to msp 430 please clearly explain the connection

    can u please send me the .brd file of pcb design i m not able make it from .sch

    please help

    1 reply

    i did not design the pdb board of the circuit, i just have the schematic

    Sir,can u please explain me how u are calculating heartbeat count

    My mail I'd janybasha1709@gmail.com

    My mail I'd janybasha1709@gmail.com

    Hi, please let me know why you set the value of CCR0 is 50000 and i is i<350, if I want to set the Timer run in 20s, how can I do that?

    Can I ask you a question? How many voltage drop on IR LED and PHOTODIODE when the circuit is running?

    1 reply

    i dont know actually, and neither do i have circuit with me now, i think it will be approximately 2 volts...