Heart Candle

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The heart candle is great project to make as a gift for valentines day, mothers day, aniversery, or just because. This is pretty easy to make. I used mod podge glue because when it dries the glue dries clear. You can get it online, craft store, or even small bottle of it at the dollar store. The hearts are made of paper and have different color glitter on them. My candle came red otherwise you could paint it red. You can light this candle but it's nice to keep as a show candle. Add as many hearts as you want or you could add other shapes you want. You could put names on it to.

can get candles on amazon

Step 1: Tools and Supplies



white glue

mod podge glue



surface to work on

paint brush for glueing

Step 2: Making Hearts

I made the hearts out of a regular sheet of paper. I hand drew the hearts. Using a pencil works better because a pen can show if you don't cut it right. The hearts I made are about the size of a quarter. You can make them how ever big or small you want. I added about 8-10 hearts on my candle. Draw your hearts and cut them out with scissors. Make sure to cut off the markings.

Step 3: Gluing the Hearts

There are two steps to gluing the hearts. The first step is glue the tops of of the hearts. The top of the hearts you want to use mod podge glue. I used a brush to apply the mod podge so that it was applied evenly so that when the glitter is added it is even. Add glue to a few heat and sprinkle on the glitter before it dries. This can make a mess so do it on a place where you can collect the glitter that falls off and re add it to the hearts. Pink, red, white glitter is good for this project. You will have to let these dry before adding them to the candle.

Once your glitter has dried to the paper hearts with the mod podge you can now glue them to the candle. I added the hearts in random places on the candle circling it. For this part I used regular white elmers glue. Don't over apply to much glue. Make sure to get glue on all of the back of the heart. You can use a paper towel to clean up access glue. Hold the hearts in place so the glue sticks. Let the hearts dry on the candle and your ready to give it as a gift.



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