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Introduction: Heart Candle

Valentine's day project. Give your special someone a heart candle and show you care. This is a quick project where a heart is made from oven bake clay, then used to make a gel wax candle.

Gel Wax
Oven Bake Clay

I am trying to start up a YouTube channel that promotes hobbies and getting people off the couch. This is one of my first videos. I hope you like it.

Oh Ya! If you like this show all your friends the video and vote for me in the Valentine's Contest. If you dont like it show all your friends the video and vote for me anways :)   Lastly, if you make one, post pictures. I realy want to see someone with clay skills make an awesome heart, Thanks

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    Awesome idea! Since you use oven bake clay, what happens when the wick burns down to the heart?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Im not sure yet, my plan was to change out the wax when it gets close. also i think the video says that the hot wax does a good job at hardening the clay so it should be easy to move and handle.