Heart Explosion Box



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This is the card which I have been asked to make quite a few times, so here I am sharing it with you. The big surprise arises from the moment when the hearts fast lay on each side of the square when the lid is lifted. The recipient should be amazed to receive a gift in the box like this.

To complete this project you will need-

Cards (assorted colors, 205 gsm)

Craft knife



Double-sided tape

Craft glue



Templates, which are downloadable from the following links-

Template 1 (Box cover)- https://goo.gl/ZNppzs

Template 2 (Box bases)- https://goo.gl/9rUump

Template 3 (Heart outlines)- https://goo.gl/9rUump

Template 4 (Outer card)- https://goo.gl/9rUump

Template 5 (Other items)- https://goo.gl/9rUump

Watch the video for full instructions. Happy crafting and good luck!

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