Heart House Explosion Box

Introduction: Heart House Explosion Box

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Greeting cards are to simple or to plain? Check this explosion box out, it's in the shape of a house and has hearts when you drop the top lid. When the box drops down you will see hearts on the edges of the explosion box. There are panels for you to scrapbook on, add pictures and write messages for the person receiving the gift box. This explosion box template will allow any level of skill to craft one of these heart explosion box. Don’t let this amazing explosion box product scare you I can help you along the way!

Materials Needed:

Comes in SVG AND PDF format
Heart House Explosion Box Template







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Step 1: The Box Body

Fold up piece A valley fold on red lines and mountain fold on blue lines. Repeat for all 4 pieces

Apply glue to the tabs of piece A.

Take piece B and glue to tab B on piece A.

Apply glue to the tabs of piece A.

Take piece B and glue to tab B on piece A.

Apply glue to second piece A and glue to next edge of piece B aligning piece to B and tab A of previous piece A.

Repeat around piece B with the rest of pieces A

Step 2:

Flip base over so that tabs are facing up.

Taking piece C, glue over the exposed tabs, starting with the centre (piece B) and the square section of pieces A. Avoid gluing directly on the scorelines.

Fold the box closed to ensure the scorelines are creased.

Step 3:

Flip the base back over and glue D1 and D2 to the corners.

Step 4:

Valley fold all score lines of piece E

Spread glue on the tabs and glue the pocket closed.

Glue piece F to the front of piece E. Repeat for all 4 pockets.

Step 5:

Glue pockets to the base

Step 6:

Valley fold G1 and glue tabs to the back

Valley fold score lines of G2

Glue 2 G3 pieces to the sides of G2

Glue G1 to the centre of G2. Repeat for 2 windows

Step 7:

Glue windows to the outside of the box. Glue them with the slit facing outward.

Step 8:

Glue H1 to H2

Secure brad through the hole of H2

Place magnet on the back of the brad

Glue H2 to the right half of H3

Fold H3 in half and tape the corresponding magnet to the back of H3

Glue H3 to the outside of the base

Step 9:

Fold piece A along score lines. Valley fold on red lines and mountain fold on blue lines

Glue tabs to form the lid

Step 10:

Valley fold on all score lines on piece B

Spread glue on tabs along 1 side. Attach to the triangular face of piece A

Repeat on the other side. Use your finger through the hole to secure the glue tabs

Step 11:

Glue piece C to the circular cut out. Spread glue only along the outer ring. Repeat for both sides

Step 12:

Glue pieces D1 and D2 on piece E. Keep gluing and alternating pieces for 5 sets. Repeat on the second piece.

Step 13:

Glue piece E to piece B of the roof. Align the top edge to the tip of the roof and centre the sides.

Repeat to the other side

Step 14:

Mountain fold piece F and glue to the top of the roof

Step 15:

Construct the second layer by valley folding the tabs on piece A

Glue along tabs and attach to piece B

Glue each of the piece A to the sides of piece B

Step 16:

Valley fold all score lines of piece C

Spread glue on the tabs and glue the pocket closed.

Glue piece D to the front of piece C. Repeat for all 4 pockets.

Step 17:

Glue the pockets to the second layer

Step 18:

Flip the layer over and spread glue onto the centre square

Glue to the centre of the body

Step 19:

Insert body cards to larger pockets on the body and smaller, layer cards to the pockets of the second layer.

Happy Crafting!

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    1 year ago

    I have been looking for the template or svg for this for a long time. I look forward to making this amazing project!


    Reply 1 year ago

    Download the template before the contest ends.