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Introduction: Heart Locket

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My son is in the drama club at his elementary school. They're doing the theatrical play “Annie” (little orphan Annie) and so I made this locket for their play.

While I wanted to completely buff it out, like my other projects, my son told me “Dad! You can't shine it up so much! It’s supposed to be very old. It’s from the 80’s!

And so that’s why it's still scratched up.

The last picture is my handmade locket next to a factory built locket.  



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    28 Discussions

    wow this looks so beautiful please please please make an instructable

    I am really intrigued how to make something as gorgeous as this from nickels. It's really pretty.

    Glad you liked it. The heart locket is made using this process. https://www.instructables.com/id/Two-Tone-Heart/

    I think there is a better way to make this then what I did. Once I figure it out I'll post the instructable.

    Thanks for the support folks.

    Please please please make an instructable! :) i would love to learn to make this! I already made a version of your teardrop pendant! you are so talented :)

    (It's supposed to be very old. It's from the 80's)
    Guess that makes me ancient! Lol

    please please please!!!! make a instructable of this one!!! please i must make this one... i did the other locket... please please..... and thank u so much for the ideas...... =)

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    woooooah!!! i know how to do it... but just two thinks.... how can i make the hinge and the place to put the photos?????

    Well you have my interest in making an Instructable for the locket. I've already made a heart version of your tear drop pendant, I made it with a pre-1982 penny. You have now gotten me interested in jewelry and metal working. Thank you for all the great work! I can't wait to see what else you have in store.

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    Seconded! It looks beautiful! If you need someone to take another one that you make off your hands for Instructable-izing, I willingly volunteer :D

    Oooh, ooh ooh! Is fractal a shape? Or rocket ship? Octopus! I do like the heart. The first images make me think of keeping lip gloss in it. I think that's pretty nifty. I love all your jewelry. Whatever you'd like to make I would be honored to wear!