Heart Nails



About: Making cute nail art that's affordable, reasonable, and totally do-able on short, natural nails :) If you have any requests, feel free to inbox!

These nails are great for any season and the color combination possibilities are endless :) These nails are a bit of a challenge, but with a steady hand, they can look great :)

Step 1: What You'll Need..

I used these for my nail design. All you really need are 2 colors, one top coat, and a thin nail brush.

Step 2: Main Color

Paint a few coats of the polish you want to use as your main color. I used 3 coats with the polish I used to get a bright yellow!

Step 3: Hearts

Use the thin brush and dip it into the polish you want to be the color of the hearts. Keep a steady hand and DON'T RUSH! Allow 30 minutes to dry before adding top coat :) This nail design takes about 1 hour to complete- 5 minutes in the actual artwork itself, a long time to dry. If you like what you see, check out my other designs and follow me. Also, please leave comments and rate, it'd really make my day :)



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