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Introduction: Solitaire Heart Pendant

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Valentines day is just around the corner but you don’t have to break the bank to make your sweetheart smile. This pendant Is made from two nickels and a cubic zirconium stone.

To make it I hammered out a nickel and shaped into a heart. Then I drilled a small hole in the center and used a cone shaped diamond bur to bevel the hole for the stone (a set of 16 different burs cost me $7 at Harbor Freight Tools). The stone I got from target. Once I liked the fit I soldered a small piece of wire to the back of the pendant to hold the stone in place. I made another loop, again from nickel, and soldered it to the back of the heart.  All kinds of variations of this can easily be done. You can find more indepth instructions for a project like this under Teardrop Pendant and Solitaire Hex Bolt. Good luck.



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    Could you fill the hollow portion with molten zinc?

    Looks great! I decided I would try making one for my girlfriend... turned out ok! I didnt put the stone in it because I didnt think I could make it look as good. Hope she likes it!

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    You did a really good job shaping the heart. It's harder then it looks to get a shape as nice as you did. I'm sure she'll love it. Great work.

    Another great piece of jewelry Mrballeng! Thanks for sharing. :)