Heart Rate Comparer




This project is made for Intel IoT Road Show in Korea.

My team made heart rate indicator with a HR sensor, led indicators and a lcd display.

The team tried to make a game which can be used to check couples' heart rates when they first met so that they will notice how they like each other.

This project includes....

1. Heart Rate checker using moving average method.

2. Hear Rate indicator which tells the levels of your heart rate compare to your max. heart rate.

3. Heart Rate compare function that compares two person's heart rate.

The materials the team used are fully supported by Intel. The team used Edison for this project. However, basically we utilized Arduino IDE for coding because most of the team members were familiar with arduino.

Step 1: Set Up Arduino IDE for Edison

Edison needs customized arduino version.

If you use the original version you usually used, edison may not work.

Here is the link that I downloaded arduino IDE.


After unzip this file, run arduino.exe included in this file.

Plus, as you open .ino file, make sure that you have to open Intel's arduino IDE.

It doesn't work if you just open edison project ino files.

Plus edison has different settings at the beginning.

It stats with 'Serial.begin(115200);'

This is not that important but, little bit different.

Further information, I recommend you to visit the link below


Step 2: Set Up Pin Number

To make heart rate monitor, the team had to make settings for a HR sensor, LEDs and so on.

Here are the materials and pin number the team utilized.

HR Sensor : Pin # A1

LED : Shield # 2

Servo : Shield # 3

Push button : Shield # 4

Color LEDs (red, blue, green) : Shield # 5 , 6 , 7

LED : Shield # 11

To connect LEDs and Servo, base shield.
Plus, all materials can be found the site below


Step 3: Implement Code

Download PulsInput01.zip file.

Then open .ino file using Intel arduino IDE.

You can see the program works.



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