Heart Shaped Jewellery Box




Introduction: Heart Shaped Jewellery Box

This was my wife's Christmas present. She had asked me for a jewelery box a while ago, and I thought it'd make a nice Christmas gift. I don't have a bandsaw, so I did things the 'dirty' way.


Wood: I used Oak for the base and walnut for the top.

Hinges from woodcraft.




Hand sanding pads,


Lacquer high gloss finish

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Step 1: Draw the Form

What it says. Draw the heart on a piece of paper and cut the shape out. I suck at freehand drawing, so I used french curves. If you're good at drawing curves freehand, you don't need french curves.

Step 2: Glue the Shape on to the Base.

Step 3: Cut the Heart

I used a table saw to get a rough heart shape, then the jigsaw to trim. Then I used a sander to clean the surface.

Step 4: Route Out the Interior

I used a router with a straight bit to make interior space in the box. Go very slowly, maybe 1/8th inch in each pass.

Step 5: Smoothen the Bottom of the Box

I covered the bottom with wood filler, let it dry and then hand sanded the bottom of the box. If you have flocking available, paint it on. I used painters tape to protect the top edge when painting.

Step 6: Cut and Shape the Top

using the base as reference, use a flush trim bit to cut out the shape of the top. I used a trim bit to give the top a nice edge.

Step 7: Sand and Finish

I sanded 80, 150, 220 and finally 320 grit and finally gave it three coats of high gloss lacquer finish.

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    4 years ago

    Nice work done. ☺


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    Thank you!