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I made some heart shaped kids seats and flower tables. It's pretty easy to do and it looks nice.


- styrofoam (for the template)

- osb (for the sides)

- ceder rips (18mm thick, 30mm wide, 400mm long)


- tablesaw (to make the ceder rips)

- jigsaw

-mini-brat nailgun.

Step 1: Making a Template

I started out by making a heart shaped template in styrofoam. you could also make it in cardboard or paper but I prefer styrofoam because it's easier to trace it onto the osb. keep a kids size in mind when making your template, my seating is about 20cm heigh.

after that, trace the outline onto the osb (which were leftovers from previous builds) you could use mdf (if you only use it inside) or plywood. I used osb because the seats are meant to be used outside.

Step 2: Ceder Rips on the Outline

I then took 2 osb hearts and spaced them 40cm apart. start nailing down the ceder rips. I used a mini-brat nailing gun. I also used window spacers to put between the ceder rips so the little gap between the ceder rips is same all the way round. this isn't just a cosmetic thing, the space between the ceder rips make sure the wood dries faster when the seats are outside in the rain.

you don't have to use ceder, you could use pine or douglas wood. I used ceder because these seats are meant to be outdoor seats.

Step 3: Rips on the Inside

after putting the ceder rips on the outside I decided to put on the inside space as well, it looks better and the seats are a lot stronger this way. after making my first seat I started out with this step and put the rips on the inside first and finished with the rips on the outside, makes it al lot easier to work.

Step 4: Painting

I decided to paint my seats white with a red interior. i also made some flower tables to go with the seats, those are the same way to make as the seats. make 2 templates, a big one (for the tabletop) and an smaller one (for the bottom) and connect them with rips.

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    Reply 3 years ago

    yes, i recently made some adult-size seats in the shape of the "&" symbol and I used the same technique. works like a charm.


    3 years ago

    These are really fantastic! I'm so impressed!!

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