Heart Shaped Pendant With Initial

I wanted to make something personal for my daughter for valentine's day and thought she would like this. I put the pendant on a speed square to make it easier to get an idea of the size

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Step 1: I Used

I had cut down a maple tree last year so I cut a piece off one of the blocks that had split, drill press with carbide cutter, bandsaw

Step 2: Making the Shape

I drew and cut the shape of a heart on a piece of paper, set it on the square of wood I had cut and scribbled around it to transfer to the wood. I then drew a "T" on the heart, keeping it as low as possible to leave room for a hole at the top

Step 3: Cutting It Out

I used a 1/16" cutter (I think it is for a dremel) in my drill press to cut out the "T" first. I had to use sacrificial wood and a drill press vise to hold it steady, otherwise the piece just walks around when the cutter follows the grain. Then cut the heart out on the band saw. Hand sand the heart to round out the edges and use a small strip of sand paper to clean up the inside of the letter.

Step 4: Finishing

Since I only needed a small amount of stain I started with a little golden pecan and used a straw to drip some dark walnut stain in until I got the colour I wanted. 3 coats of polyurethane finished it and I used a small bit of 12 gauge wire to make the loop

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