Heart Shaped Wreath for Valentine’s Day




Introduction: Heart Shaped Wreath for Valentine’s Day

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Everybody is getting ready for the valentine Day. This tutorial introduce heart shape decoration for the valentine Day using shopping bag roses. This is a kind of innovative thinking to reuse the shopping bags.

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Step 1: First Take a Bristol Board and Cut the Heart Shape As Given Below.

Step 2: From One Place Make a Cut and Add the Ribbon to Hang the Decoration and Put a Cello Tape.

Step 3: Take Red, White and Red and White Mix Shopping Bags.

Step 4: Cut Circles From All 03 Colours.

Step 5: Cut the Circle As a Spiral As Given Below.

Step 6: From This Make the Rose. Use UHU Gum to Paste.

Step 7: Paste the Shopping Bag Roses As Given Below in the Heart.

Step 8: You Can Hang This Now. This Is Good for a Valentine Day Celebration Function.

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    Looks great. I always love large 3D valentine's gifts. My wife always gets a kick out of it when I make them.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks :)