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It’s the month you say “I HEART YOU” to all you love. Make your loved once happy with a heart throw pillow as a gift. It’s easy and the best part is, you could make it yourself.

Things you will need:

White fabric
Red fabric paint
Paint brushes
Fabric glue
Paper and pencil

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Step 1: Fabric and the Design:

Cut out 2 pieces of fabric 9”x9” with ¼” seam allowance.

Cut out a 9”x9” piece of paper and fold into half and draw out a heart and cut it.

I free handed the design, it need not be perfect, just curves and spirals would do.  The shaded areas are where the paint goes.

Step 2: Painting:

I outlined the line with a sharpie to make it easier to trace.

On a Styrofoam, lay a piece of cellophane and then the fabric over it and secure with pins and trace the design on to the fabric.

And start painting; avoid mixing too much water since it makes the paint to bleed out of the design. Mine is not the best paint job but it was decent looking  :P

Let it dry for 12 hours the least, add rhinestones and iron on the reverse side of the fabric. To make the paint last longer.

Step 3: Done:

Sew all the sides on the reverse leaving a gap to add the polyfill in to the pillow, turn the right side out. And add in polyfill, and hand sew the opening afterwards.

You could add fragrance oils to the polyfill if you wish.

Vote and share pictures if you try making one.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I agree with Linda - this is very beautiful :) And you are too! Your creations are very unique and stylish!

    Wow.. You are too good at painting :). I would love a purple heart cushion with a little bit manly heart design ha ha :D

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