Heart of Time




My dreams became true when I had realized what rapid prototyping means: I can easily create new stuff of almost any kind.

I would like to show you my favorite project: The "Heart of Time".
The intention of this project was just creating an object of art - as a gift for a good friend.

Have fun!

Step 1: Creat the Wheels

At first we need some pictures of gears, which we can find for example on the World Wide Web. Then building our model is much easier.
Now we can build our model based on these pictures and create a new group of gears.

Step 2: The Heart

Now we can design our Heart. A simple heart with a small hole on the right half of heart to see the interior design, the gears.
It might look like the picture above.

Then it is time to connect the two models: Scale and translate the gears into the heart.
Now we got a fantastic model with a strong expression.

Step 3: Creat a Human Hand

This part is quite dificult: we have to construct a human hand.
There are some awesome tutorials and models on the web, with which it should be easy to create the hand.

It is really important to rig this hand, to be able to move the fingers to hold our finished heart.

You got that? Perfect, now just put the heart in the hand and you have created an extraordinary jewelry!


Step 4: Print!

After finishing the design, you can print it.
Take a look at the print of my version at the picture above!



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    Thank you very much. But sorry, I want to sell this Project soon, so I can't give you the files. But the human Hand was not modeled by myself, you can find some awesome models on: http://www.turbosquid.com/
    Some of these models are for free.

    Have fun ;)