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Introduction: Heart-shaped Chocolate Pralines

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Ello guys
Today we're making heart-shaped chocolate pralines,which are made with huge amount of love. Honestly,its a gift for our anniversary,which i think she'll love it,fingers crossed.
Besides that, they are perfect gift and a surprise for any situation. They make day much better.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Making pralines isn't so much complicated and everybody can make them. The main stuff is handmade chocolate, which is made from cocoa,butter,sugar & milk. All that is required are little skills in kitchen.

Materials :

  • Cocoa Powder (150-200g)
  • Butter (170g)
  • Milk -2cups (400ml)
  • Sugar (100g)
  • Powdered sugar ( 100g)
  • White chocolate chips (optional)
    Instead of white chips, you can use cherry or some other ingredients which you like.
  • Cupcake paper 40pcs
  • Lovely box (optional)
    If isn't a gift and if it served on a plate.

Tools :

  • Metal pot one bigger & one smaller
  • Metal bowl
  • Wooden spoon
  • Cookie press
  • Heart-shaped silicon mold
  • Knife

Step 2: Making a Chocolate

When you gathered all of materials and tools, its time to make chocolate,yeyyy.
So, pour some water in smaller metal pot and put it to boil. Its winter time, so im using solid fuel stove to warm up and make lunch & deserts. Now, put metal bowl with butter in it on top of the little pot and leave to melt.
* Important : If you don't like butter and you don't stand it put just a little,cause there are people who don't like fats. Instead of butter try using cocoa butter, it'll give chocolate really nice taste.

When your waiting for butter to melt, pour those 2 cups of milk in to the larger metal pot, add some sugar and put on the stove to warm up.

When butter is all melting, little by little add cocoa powder, while mixing it with wooden spoon. Butter will star to consolidate with powder and it'll began to form. If it's hard for you to mix, try adding some water, just a little bit, so that the mixture will soften up.
After adding all cocoa powder, put half of powdered sugar and mix it carefully.

When thats all done, pour cocoa mixture in warmed up milk and blend it into unique mixture, but when doing so cocoa mix will start to form little lumps in milk. You can try breaking those lumps with wooden spoon, if thats not successfull try with fork or even with electric mixer, and add other half of powdered sugar.

Awesome, now you made your chocolate,taste it and enjoy in it. If you still don't think it's sweet enough, add some vanilla-flavored sugar, like i did.

Step 3: Molding Part

Well, time for messy part. Your chocolate mixture is ready and lets mold it. Place chips or cherries or something else in molds and carefully pour hot chocolate in them. Don't make huge mess, like myself, but hey there is always a first time for everything. Please don't be sad if it doesn't turn out as you imagined it, it's not a final product, yet.

If you've filled up the molds and still have some left, find some ice-cube molds and fill it with. I find these chocolate ice-cubes really refreshing when it comes to summer time and its heat.
Now leave in the freezer for couple of hours to cool down.
In the meanwhile, clean all of mess & wash used dishes. That way you'll have free space to work with when it comes with decorating.

Step 4: Final Part

After few hours spent in the freezer, bring them out & put them in cute cup-cake paper, which is aligned on plate. Cut out excess chocolate of hearts, with a knife You can serve it like that or put in a box for gift version. And there is for chocolate ice-cubes, they turned out more than great, i must say.
All that is left, is for you to enjoy in your heart-shaped chocolate pralines & please do share your comments & thoughts.

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