Heartbeat Sensor With Arduino, Heart Rate Monitor System

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Heartbeat Sensor is an electronic devices used to measure heart rate or speed of heartbeat. Heart rate is basically monitored in two ways -

  • To manually check pulse whether at wrist or at neck
  • By using a heartbeat sensor monitoring heart rate

Heartbeat sensor is essential for athletes as it determines conditions for heart. Although there are many other ways to measure the heart rate but the most precise is Electrocardiography. Heartbeat sensor essentially has its own importance when it comes to heart rate measurement. Heartbeat sensor comes in different shapes and sizes and even allows instant measure of heart rate.

Heartbeat sensors are available in smart watches, smart phones, chest straps and many other electronic gadgets. heartbeat rate are measured in Bpm (beats per minute). Beats per minute is defined as the number of times the heart contracts and relaxes per minute.

The heartbeat sensor has three terminals-

  • Signal
  • VCC
  • GND

Principal of Heartbeat Sensor

Heartbeat sensor works on the principle of Photoplethysmography. According to this principle, the volume of blood in an organ is measured by the change in intensity of light passing through the organ.


Components Required

The different components required for the construction are -

  • Arduino UNO
  • LCD display
  • 10 k-ohm potentiometer
  • Heartbeat sensor
  • Bread board
  • Jumper Wires

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Step 1: Making Connections/Schematics

Make connections according to schematic -

Connect (Signal) S ===> A (Arduino)

+ VCC ==== +5V

- GND ==== - GND

Step 2: Connect Syatem to PC and Upload Code to Arduino Board

Connect the whole setup to PC and then upload code to the Arduino board for further functioning.

Step 3: Open Serial Monitor

After openning serial monitor, place any finger on the sensor except the thumb. Based on the data from the sensor Arduino calculates heart rate in Bpm

Step 4: Connect LCD Display

Connect the LCD display to the Arduino set-up. This whole set-up displays results on LCD. Make connections of LCD with Arduino according to the schematic

Step 5: Uploading New Code to Arduino

After uploading new code, place any finger on the sensor. This time the results will be displayed on the LCD.

Click here for the code

Step 6: Where to Buy?

Click here to buyHeart beat sensor

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