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Hey guys kester here, today I'll be showing you how to make your very own halloween costume prop for yourself! So without further a do.. lets get started!

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Step 1: Patreon

As you may or may not know, I am Kester. I have a YouTube channel that is based on making electronics videos and diy videos and tutorials. As me making lots of videos and putting time and lots of effort and money into producing products and videos, I would like to get some support from my fellow fans to help me keep up with producing more content and projects for you guys. So on behalf, I would like to show you guys Patreon. Patreon helps support fellow DIY'ers and people who need help from the fans and supporters to keep content flowing for their fans to enjoy. So what I'm asking for is a donation from you guys to keep my content going and to make my fans happy by producing more content! Thanks again for all of your support. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel and my Patreon account! Thanks guys!



Step 2: Watch the Video!

Step 3: Components Needed

You will need the following components.

- 555 IC Chip
- 8 Pin IC Holder
- NPN2222
- 1.2K Resistor
- 150 Ohm Resistor
- 1000 uF Capacitor
- 9V Battery
- 9V Battery Clip
- Breadboard
- Plastic Container
- Thick Paper ( Heart )
- Double Sided Tape

Step 4: Build the Circuit

Now its time to build this circuit! Follow the schematic I gave you guys and now I will meet you on the next step!

Step 5: Circuit Completed

The circuit is now complete! GREAT!!

Step 6: Add Double Sided Tape

Add double sided tape to the edges so when you put the board and battery on the bottom side of the lid, it is able to stick there. Make sure the LED is pointing to the middle of the container.

Step 7: Put the Cover On

Now put the cover on the lid and make sure everything is secure and neat.

Step 8: Cut the Shape of a Heart

Now cut the shape of a heart out. I just eyeballed my heart, but if you really want to get fancy print out a picture from online and trace it onto your thick paper and cut it out! Now go ahead and tape it onto the container.


You now have a part for your halloween costume this year! Congrats! If you liked this instructable go ahead and check out the rest of my projects and youtube videos on my channel. If you want to support me, go ahead and check out my patreon too! Much appreciated! Hope you guys have a wonderful day!


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