Hearty Beef Stew




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Simple and hearty beef stew

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Step 1: Chuck Roast

pick out a chuck roast with marbling

Step 2: Cube Meat

cut meat in bite size pieces. Add a few hunks of fat for more flavor

Step 3: Brown Meat

put meat on a cookie sheet and put it under the broiler

Step 4: Vegies

onion, potatoes, carrots, celery and season mix

Step 5: Dice Onions

put in the crock pot

Step 6: Add Meat

add meat and the season packet with water, turn on high. Lower if desired to cook all day or keep on high if you are hungry.

Step 7: Add Veggies

you can give cover them with water and give them a 6 minute zap in the microwave if you want to hurry them up. Drain off water and add to the crock pot.

Step 8: Serve

with yeast rolls or corn bread and if you made enough for the next day... It is even better.

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    I am "allergic" to garlic. When I taste it i gag. LOL Feel free to add some if you like.