Heat Gun Egg Cooking

Intro: Heat Gun Egg Cooking

Using a heat gun cook an egg.
Sit heat gun on flat part.
Tape heat gun and its cord in place with duct tape.
Hold pan over medium heat use digital temperature reader to make sure pan is 200 F.
Crack egg into pan using Le Creuset or other cast iron pan for a rack.
Then hold pan with egg about 4" above heat gun until cooked.
Rest pan with cooked egg on
Le Creuset or other cast iron pan as a rack to take egg out.



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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    If I'm ever stuck alone in a forest I'll make sure to use a heat gun if I'm hungry! ;)


    3 years ago on Introduction

    This should be on THE MAN SHOW. Good to know that the Dog House has been upgraded to Man Shop. Fantastic!