Heat Transfer Vinyl

About: I am a mechanic and electrician from outside Chicago. I am also an engineering student. I like to make all sorts of different things and restore older tools and machines.

Intro: Heat Transfer Vinyl

Sometimes I put a design on my pouches using vinyl. I do this when I am only going to use a design once or twice. This is to avoid making a screen and silk screening. The vinyl is cut using a plotter and applied with a heat press. Thanks for watching.



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    Check my other Instructable. "How to sew a tool pouch." This is what I am applying the vinyl to. I made this one to show how I apply heat transfer vinyl. Thank You for commenting.


    Ah! I hadn't seen your other 'ible. Might help to put a link to it in this one, so people get the idea right away. Nice job, otherwise...!


    I will do that. Thanks for the good advice. I am new to posting on Instructables. Thanks for watching!