Heated Seed Propagation Table

Introduction: Heated Seed Propagation Table

In short many seeds will not germinate unless the ground temperature is at a minimum, Tomato seeds usually germinate in up to 10 days at 70 to 80 F . Germination is delayed at any lower temperatures. Peppers 80 F Pumpkins 80 to 85 F, Go to http://tomclothier.hort.net/page11.html for more soil temps.

I have used a similar table for the past 4 years with great success, I built the original when the cost of individual heated grow trays were close to $30 dollars. For just one  now at a local store, they are $20 for each mat, This 4 X 10 table holds 22 standard grow trays. My math tells me it would cost $440 and you would still want a table.

If you only read this page, My table is 4 ft X 10 ft,  31 inches tall covered in plastic that in turn is covered by blankets on the sides for  insulation. Do not skip the insulation as the small heater rated at  850 watts  really has trouble getting above 60 degrees  in a 40 degree room, only takes couple hours to reach 80 with insulation, Any excess heat will hover around the plants and keep them cumphy.

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Step 1: Build the Custom Saw Horses

I needed longer sawhorses than I usually would  had available,And  I also needed them (OK I wanted) them to be foldable because I was going to transport them up two flights of stairs.  I could had built a normal plain table on site  without them.  But hey its my table and all my power equipment is downstairs.
  1. 5 pieces 1 X 4 X 48 inches for the sides and top
  2. 4 pieces 1 X 4 X  31 inches for the legs. Use a stop block on the saw so each leg would be exactly same length, one end of each leg (top) needs cut at 25 degrees
  3. 2 of the 48 inch 1 X 4's need a 25 degree  edge that is done on a table saw
  4. Always use a square of some type
  5. Attach each leg over the top board use 3 screws on each joint, The bottom 48 board is attached in same mannor but 1 board width up from bottom
  6. complete the other 3 leg assemblys
  7. lay a 1 X  4 kitty corner mark and cut, when attached make sure that the top corner edge is below the angled top
  8. When done they will look like this, lay them down with bevel down, With a gap the width of the hinges
  9. attach the hinges  so the hinges can close
  10. Its OK if hinges stick above
  11. View of hinge from end
  12. Got sloppy here, I measured on the table saw how long this groove needed to be, I just made multiple short cuts to make this Dado the length of the hinge
  13. Attach the top  board ONLY to one side with  a few screws
  14. Unfold sawhorses to be slightly loose, I set one scrap board on bottom, set the brace on top measured and cut to 25 degrees and attache both ends with screws
  15. Finished saw horses.. I used the brace only because I am going to put lots of weight on them, You can drill a small hole in center braces and secure with a rope with knots instead of the end braces for other complete portability uses, I removed the braces for transport to my upstairs

Step 2: Assemble the Top

  1. I had a big mess up there from last year so had to clean it up
  2. Lay the horses out, Then put the braces on
  3. Set 5 pieces 2 X 4 X 10
  4. Take a 1 X 4 X 48 inches mark 12 inch centers
  5. Attach with 2 screws at each end
  6. I put a screw into each horse just to keep things stable
  7. This is what it should look like now
  8. I had some wire 48 X 10 ft, I had to use a couple pieces to make it work
  9. At this point I put this small heater, attached it  to a board to keep it secure and aimed to center of the table plug in and test... (keeps you from undoing things) guess how I know...
  10. cut 2 pieces 4 ft and 10 ft long to attach plastic to the floor
  11. I had to buy the plastic at local hardware store, 10 X 25 4 mil roll was $10. ish
  12. Cover with the plastic sheeting, leave enough for the excess to be put under the 1X4's I just used basic gift wrapping procedure to cover, The power cord to the heater was routed thru a corner and not under a 1 X 4
  13. Finally find some old blankets and wrap totally around the sides, I use staples to the top edge and to the 1 X 4 that are on the floor,  Again Do not skip the blankets as we want the top a lot warmer than the sides and the sides will only heat the room
  14. temp before heater started
  15. temp after writing this instructable
  16. Time to plant seeds, Because my grow table is inside I will be adding lights before the seeds need light.
  17. THANK YOU! 
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