Heating Butter Knife




This is a knife that is easy to make and can be very useful

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Step 1: Reasoning

I first thought of this idea when I wanted to butter my toast. With the cold butter A) it was hard to cut the butter B) then being able to spread the butter was difficult. This a very first world problem that is easy to fix with a little but of work.

Step 2: Materials

1) a butter knife, one with a handle that wont heat up, and a metal blade

2) an off on switch that can be used with 9 volt battery

3) a nine volt battery

4) a few wires

5) solder and soldering iron

Step 3: Starting

The first thing to do is solder the wires together to make a complete circuit.

the order is important, the first wires end is conected to the knife, the other end is connected to the battery. From the battery connect the second wire to the switch. Connect the other switch wire to the knife.

For astetics, you can drill a hole into the knife for the on off switch to goYou can also make a handle that can hold all the wires and battery so it looks nicer and holds everything together

One wire had to be connected to the top while the other is connected to the bottom

Step 4: How It Works

When the switch is flipped on, the battery will start to heat up, then the area around the wire will heat up. It will hear up to a warm temperature, the right amount to cut through butter. When your all done, just turn it off.

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6 Discussions


2 years ago

can you do this with a tin can to heat a coffee cup?


2 years ago

or you could get a butter dish and leave on table or counter and then the butter is always soft and easily spreadable.


2 years ago

So how would you clean this??


2 years ago

This is a cool idea :) I always tear the bread trying to spread it, lol.