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Introduction: Heatless Wavy Hair

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I love the volume curls give to my hair! But I don't like the damage after getting my hair curled with a flat iron or something else. Today i'll show you how to get a wavy hair without damaging your hair with heat.

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Step 1: You'll Need

Big elastic headband

Light scarf (optional)

Step 2: Elastic Band

Comb your hair. It has to be lightly damp for this.

Place the elastic band around your head with the front part in your forehead.

Step 3: Hair Sections

Grab thin or thick sections of hair and introduce them in your hairband from the upper part and pulling it under the headband. Grab the piece of hair that came out and grab another section to repeat this step.

Step 4: All Around

Keep doing this all around your head until you get to the back. Roll up the last piece of hair and introduce it inside the headband. This is how your hair should look by now.

Step 5: Sleep

Go to sleep or wait a couple hours for the curls to be ready. If you move a lot at night you can use a light scarf to tie it around your hair to keep the curls in place.

Step 6: Curls!

Take the headband off starting in the back with the last sections of hair you curled.

Style it with your fingers and enjoy your wavy and healthy hair!

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    2 years ago

    This makes getting ready in the morning faster without the damage. I need to try this in my daughters hair.