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Hello there.
This time I want to share you how to make healthy veggie juice.
Vegetables into juice? Yes. You right. And I think it would be a great solution if your children do not like to eat vegetables. Just turn the "creepy" vegetables into "heavenly" veggie juice.

Step 1: Preparing the Materials

Vegetables have much variety. You can use any kind of vegetables. For me, I am using collards to make this juice. And to make this juice more delicious, just add some fruit.

Materials :
- Any kind of vegetables.
(I'm using collards)

- Any kind of Fruits.
(I'm using Pineapple and Guava)

- Water
- Sugar (optional)

Tools :
- Blender

Step 2: Make Sure It Clean

Wash the vegetables fruits, and other materials. Make sure it clean.

Step 3: Guava First

Guava First? Why? You know, guava has much seed inside. So you need to blend it first, then filter it to separate the juice from its seeds.

Step 4: Slice...Slice...Slice..

Now its time to slice and blend the veg and other fruit. Once you done, pour the guava juice and add some water. It is optional to add sugar. But, I think the juice is sweet enough without sugar.
no sugar = more healthy gain.
Then blend it until it mix completely.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Juice

Done. Enjoy your veggie juice. I suggest you to make more experiments to create the juice from another kind of vegetables and fruit. Taste the different.

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