Heavy Duty

Introduction: Heavy Duty

The objective of this BaseBot is to pull as much weight as possible in the least amount of time.

Step 1: Chassis Construction

BaseBot Rear:

4 Chassis Rails
1 15-hole angle bar
4 8-32 BHCS x 1/4"
4 Keps Nuts

*Make sure to screw in the two outer Chassis Rails at the end of The Angle Bar. The other two inner Chassis Rails you screw them in the Fourth hole, counting from out to in.


1 Chassis Bumper
4 8-32 BHCS x 1/4"
4 Keps Nuts

*You add it to the BaseBot Rear. Make sure the Chassis Rails are alined right and that they are parallel to each other.

Step 2: Drive Train

Mounting the Motors:

2 Motor Modules
2 Flat Bearings
4 6-32 BHCS x 1/2"

*The Motor should be placed on the Sixth hole from the front.

Mounting the Bearings (1):

4 Flat Bearings
8 8-32 BHCS x 1/2"
8 Keps Nuts

*One of the Bearings should be screwed in the Frouth hole from the Rear. The other Bearing is screwed in the Third hole from the Rear.

Mounting the Motors (2):

6 Flat Bearings
12 8-32 BHCS x 1/2"
12 Keps Nuts

*One of the Bearings should be screwed in the Frouth hole from the Rear. The other Bearing should be screwed in the Frouth hole from the Front.

Step 3: Gears

Mounting Gears:

6 36 Tooth Gear
6 Collars
6 0.318" Spacers
4 3" Square Bars
2 2" Square Bars

*Going from motor to out, the Gear goes first, then Collar, last th Spacer. Look at the picture to know how to put them together.

Gear Ratio:
We chose this Ratio because it would stay consistent.
Our input and output RPM is the same which is 102 RPM since it has a 1:1:1 gear ratio.
Our input and output torque is 1.67 N*M

Theoretical speed: 37.38
Actual speed: 42.37

Step 4: Wheels

Mounting Wheels:

4 Hubs with Tires
4 0.318" Spacers
4 Collars

*Spacer, Wheel, then Collar.

Wheel Size:

Step 5:

Mounting Controller:

1 Vex Controller
4 8-32 BHCS x 1/2"
4 Keps Nuts

*Line up the Controller with the Sixth hole. Put in the Screws in the last two holes of the Controller.

Step 6: Battery Holder

Mounting Battery Holder:

1 Battery Holder
1 8-32 BHCS x 1/4"
1 Kep Nut
1 Battery

*Place it the middle and screw it on the bottom.
*Place Battery in the Battery Holder.

Step 7: Plate

Sled Base:

1 Plate
5 Bearing Block
10 0.318" Spacers
10 8-32 BHCS x 3/4"
10 Keps Nuts

*Grap a Bearing Block, put a Spacer, put through the 3/4" screw and through the plate hole and attach Keps Nut.

Step 8: Threaded Beams

Mounting Threaded Beams:

2 8-32 x 1/4"
2 2" Threaded Beams

* The screw goes under the plate & then screw in the Threaded Beam. Look at the picture to know where to place the threaded beams.

Step 9: Sled Hitch

Mounting Sled Hitch:

1 8-hole Long Bar
1 5-hole Angle Bar
2 0.182" Spacers
2 8-32 BHCS x 1/2"
1 8-32 BHCS x 1/4"
3 Keps Nuts

*When you place the Long Bar to the Sled Base, the Spacer comes first then the Long Bar and last the Keps Nut. Use the
1/2" screw for this.
*When putting in the Angle Bar, the Long Bar should be place in the middle of the Angle Bar.

Step 10: Final Look Out

Attach the Sled to the BaseBot.
* Make sure everything is tightened.

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