Heavy Duty Book Binder Jig.




Introduction: Heavy Duty Book Binder Jig.

About: I work in lot R@D lad as tec. Im the crazy guy, you show me a machine and tell me how turn on and off, and I will firgure it out the rest. And also get it to do thing that company who made didn't know it can...

This is my first Instructable, so forgive if this is alittle ruff. As I alway do, get back up and move on and try again. So let get the show on the road.
 We do print thing and some time it lot and lugging a binder around is head ache. I myself do print a lot pdf file a lot and keep track what I have is big order. And looking for it in binders is real pain in back end. I seen this idea on this site as video, I made mine my way. And also don't copy copyright please. 

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Step 1:

This is some of tools used and plus more.

Step 2:

This is the template I used

Step 3:

Setting up the saw, yes I don't have a blade guard on. I do unplug the saw when making any changes. And always check blade ailgn with fence. Alway with the same tooth on the blade. And use push stick when your hand near the saw table top.

Step 4:

Here are all parts. I used 3/4" birch plywood the pieces cut are:
1) 11" x 71/2"        4ea.
2) 11/4" x 11"        4ea.
3) 3" x 9"               2ea.
4) 3" x 121/2"        2ea.
5) 1" x 11"             4ea.
6) 1" x 3"               2ea.
This will make to binder press.

Step 5:

Clean, and sand all the pieces. Now start building it and make sure every piece line up, glue and tack nail.

Step 6:

The one piece that 1 1/4" x 11" is glued to 1" x 3" and clamp to main piece. Hole are drilled for 1/4"-20 bolts thread insert. This piece will used for drill the paper when clamp in place.

Step 7:

Now needle Im used was 1/16" some drilled is out to 9/64". I space the  the tread hole at 3/16" apart. And other three hole for 1/4"-20 but only need two it hold down the drill guided for the tread. clamps just get in the way.

Step 8:

I drilled the big holes and then clamp down with screw so the it easier drill all little holes.

Step 9:

The paper will get hot, and smell like burning. But fun part next.

Step 10:

This loop type sewing, next time just use two small needles. I can knit, but this is for the birds. Aww I broke my little needle I did I did.

Step 11:

Put making tape on edge so the glue don't down the side, and also need put waxpaper on the front and back it will stick to the wood. For a manly look duct tape. I've seen a few has made hard covers book, I will try hand at that too. :-) happy binding...
P.S. the glue need to dry at less 24+ hours.

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